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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Interesting Articles/Links

Life-Saving Relationships.  New research details how important close emotional connections are for health adn well-being, prompting psychologists to call for making strong relationships a public health priority.  By Kirsten Weir.  http://www.apamonitor-digital.org/apamonitor/201803/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=1&folio=46#pg49

Talking to children about violence: Tips for parents and teachers.https://www.nasponline.org/resources-and-publications/resources/school-safety-and-crisis/talking-to-children-about-violence-tips-for-parents-and-teachers

Health Supplemental Science: In April's edition of Psychology Today

            Tweaking Turmeric: A variant of the superspice makes gains as a way to stave off cognitive decline.  By Hara Estroff Marano 

            Saving The Brain With Food: In neuronurtition, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  By Lisa Mosconi, Ph. D. 

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